AI Tools for Authors

Authors are already asking us for guidance on how they can use AI tools effectively and accurately as part of the manuscript creation process.

Certain AI-based tools, such as Grammarly, are already frequently used by authors to run spelling and grammar checks and to review writing tone. Some of these same tools (i.e., Grammarly and Pro Writing Aid) have functionality built in for helping authors check the completeness and accuracy of their citations as well.*

In addition, there are some intelligent dictation tools available that can help authors who are unable to spend longer periods of time on a computer. This can actually speed up the “writing” process because of the increased speed in which we speak versus type.

Newer AI tools expand on this functionality by actually crafting new concepts, summarizing or reframing information, and writing based on prompts entered by the user. AI tools are not intended to take the place of people in the creative process, but instead to aid their efficiency.


*Additional related resources are noted at:

Generally Available AI Tools

For authors who would like to utilize AI to help them get started with research and outlining, free-to-use AI tools can be a good starting point. The final manuscript will still represent the author’s own work after their writing has been completed and revisions are applied.

Some examples of material that can be generated using any publicly available AI tools include:

  • Creating chapter outlines
  • Creating learning objectives or outcomes
  • Creating visual diagrams
  • Conducting or formulating academic research

As the author, you can then refine and build on the outputs provided, applying your own focus, discipline knowledge, and research to craft your complete manuscript.

As an example, some scholarly focused AI tools* for research are:

  • Research Rabbit

Once again, note that you should not feed the AI tools your own written content; otherwise, the tools will generally absorb rights into what you’ve uploaded.

If you need our help to check your privacy settings in any AI tool you plan to use for research purposes, just ask your editor!


*Suggested tools are outlined in more detail at: