Warning! Things to Consider When Using AI Tools

A number of market-based AI tools claim ownership of the content once you submit it into their software. For this reason, you should not feed entire chapters or manuscripts into free-to-use AI tools for any reason—including to refine your writing or to help you create ancillary materials to your new textbook or ebook.

Similarly, we expect the bulk of the manuscript being put forward as an author’s original work to be just that—original. While AI can be a tool to help support your writing, it should not replace your role as the author of the book. The majority of the text still needs to be written and revised by you, the author.

We are also aware that today’s AI tools are not perfect. Sometimes they misinterpret information, incorporate unvetted source material, or misrepresent facts.

This is where you, the author, become the most important part of the equation when utilizing AI tools.

  • You’ll need to review, research, expand upon, and possibly rewrite material provided by an AI engine before considering it final.
  • You may see elements within AI-generated text that leads you to fact check and correct it.
  • You may need to adjust the tone or level of writing to meet the needs of your own student audience.
  • You may need to add source citations and follow established academic integrity standards for scholarly texts.