Tips for Using the Cognella Digital Library

Tips for Using the Cognella Digital Library

1. First thing’s first; set up an account. 

While the Cognella Digital Library will allow you to search for materials without setting up an account, certain actions, including previewing readings or compiling a list of materials for a project, can only be performed if you’re logged in.

To set up your log-in, click Create Account in the upper right-hand corner of the library homepage and input your information. You’ll receive an email when one of our librarians has approved your access.

If you ever have trouble logging in or need to reset your password, send an email to

2. The library is not compatible with iPhones or iTablets. 

Please use Windows, Mac, or other non-iOS systems to access the library. We recommend Google Chrome for the best experience.

3. Get specific with your search.

When looking for readings in the library, use targeted filters and keywords to narrow your search. If your search is too broad, the library may prioritize efficiency over volume and display a single item, rather than providing the full list of readings and resources available.

To narrow your search, type a keyword in the search bar in the upper right-hand corner of the site, then click the Advanced Search drop-down menu. Select additional filters including Discipline, Publication Type, Author, Publication Year, and more to refine your results.

If you encounter any issues or need help while searching the library, feel free to use our Chat with a librarian feature during regular business hours, Monday through Friday. You can also contact a digital librarian via email at