Digimarc Piracy Intelligence

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Digimarc Piracy Intelligence is a leading solution for combating piracy of ebooks and digital documents by delivering deep insight into where, when, and how theft occurs. Under this new partnership, Cognella titles enjoy robust protection against piracy and phishing scams, ensuring learning materials are safe, secure, and legally distributed.

Digimarc conducts high-impact automatic searches on major search engines and targeted manual searches on websites to detect the illegal availability of any Cognella title. When suspicious links and unauthorized content are found on specific webpages, Digimarc sends a takedown notice to the site owner, demanding removal of the content immediately. The company also works with major search engines to remove infringing links from search engine result pages, reducing the discoverability of illegal content. If site owners don’t comply with takedown requests, Digimarc escalates takedowns to hosting service providers and content-distribution networks.

Learn more: https://www.digimarc.com/products/digimarc-services/piracy-intelligence