Linguistica 360

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Linguistica 360 is an independently owned, US-based company that creates original weekly programming to provide learners with an effective and innovative approach to studying languages.

The key offering from Linguistica 360 is its “News in Slow” series, weekly podcasts of news highlights read slowly by two speakers in a native dialect. “News in Slow” is available in Spanish (from Latin America or Spain), French, Italian, and German. Each recording is accompanied by grammar, idiomatic expressions, and pronunciation exercises, transcripts, and quizzes to provide an immersive language learning experience.

Under this partnership, Cognella offers Linguistica 360 subscriptions at a discount to supplement Cognella foreign language textbooks, course packs, and Cognella Active Learning courses. Subscriptions are available for beginning, intermediate, and advanced language levels, allowing instructors the flexibility to incorporate Linguistica 360 content into their course in a way that most benefits their curriculum and students.


Visit the Linguistica 360 website to learn more about the “News in Slow” series and their other language learning offerings.

If you’d like to add a Linguistica 360 subscription to the course materials listing for your students, click the contact an editor button below. You’ll be directed to complete a short form, and a team member will be in contact with you as soon as possible.