Student Value Editions

Student Value Editions

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When it comes to education, we believe that your students always deserve more! That’s why we created our Student Value Edition program.

This program gives you the flexibility to add up to 100 pages of original content to a Cognella textbook—at no additional cost to your students.

If you or your academic department are spending time, money, and resources to print syllabi, homework assignments, PowerPoint slides, or other materials for your students, let us do it for you. Simply send us the materials you’d like to include in your Student Value Edition, and we’ll print them within your text.

The final product is a fully customized educational resource for your students—at no additional cost!

The Process

Creating a Student Value Edition is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

  1. Select a Cognella title from
  2. Send us up to 100 pages of original content.*
  3. We’ll incorporate the new material into the text, creating a custom edition just for your students.

*Please note, for Student Value Editions, we can only add material that is 100% original, meaning you have authored or created the material specifically for your course and students.

If you’re interested in supplementing a Cognella text with third-party materials (readings, book chapters, case studies, etc.), check out our custom edition option.

Bonus Material 

If you’d like to include content that supports and enriches the student experience, we invite you to incorporate readings from the Cognella Series on Student Success within your Student Value Edition. As part of your 100-page addition, you can include select chapters from A Student’s Guide to Stress Management and A Student’s Guide to Communication and Self-Presentation. 

Preview the bonus chapter from A Student’s Guide to Stress Management.

Preview the bonus chapter from A Student’s Guide to Communication and Self-Presentation. 

To peruse these available chapters in full, contact an editor.

The Final Product

The cover of your Student Value Edition will include special edition branding, your course name, your course number, the academic term, and the name of your institution. Your students will be able to purchase these special editions through the Cognella Student Store or your campus bookstore.

Student Value Edition FAQs

No. The current edition of your text will continue to be marketed by Cognella as is, without the additional content. A Student Value Edition is a completely separate product and will be published exclusively for your course and your students.

Student Value Editions allow you to provide your students with up to 100 pages of additional original content – and no extra cost. On average, this equals about $15 of printed material that you are able to offer your students for free.

Though we live in a digital world, some of your students may still prefer printed materials over digital materials for studying. Students who are provided with digital materials may choose to print these materials to accommodate their personal study preferences. A Student Value Edition can save these students individual printing costs.

There’s also power in providing students with the same materials in a variety of formats. You could send materials digitally and have them printed in a Student Value Edition to reinforce the importance of the materials and support your students’ various learning styles.

Yes. You can adopt a Cognella text for your course and add materials to customize it for your students.

If you choose to include a syllabus, this material will be printed at the beginning of the text before the title page. All other materials will be printed at the end of the text. We do not have the ability to insert content at the end of chapters, sections, units, etc.

We welcome and encourage you to create Student Value Editions with new and updated content each and every term to provide your students with a highly personalized course experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Student Value Edition program, have questions, or would like to get started on a project, contact us.