Specifically Recommended AI Tools

For any cases where you plan to use AI to generate longer sections of text, or for which you would like to input material you have already written, the professional, paid version of ChatGPT is the only program currently approved by Cognella for this purpose.

Authors must adjust the privacy settings in ChatGPT before using the program to generate text or analyze their writing. At the end of this guide, we have provided step-by-step instructions on how to verify your privacy settings in ChatGPT.

Some examples of material that can be generated using the paid version of ChatGPT include:

  • Creating a chapter summary
  • Creating discussion or review questions
  • Paraphrasing brief amounts of text
  • Writing fictional dialogue used as a pedagogical feature
  • Collating key terms
  • Generating a glossary

As the author, you can check the accuracy of the output material, the tone and level of the writing, and any cited content as part of your editorial review.

QUICK TIP: Check your university’s policies around the use of AI-generated content in the classroom. They may specify that the main instructional content used should be from vetted academic sources or publications, while allowing for the introduction of AI-generated ancillaries such as PowerPoint slides, quizzes and test questions, and activities or exercises. Just be familiar with what your institution’s guidance states!

Future Tool Development

Cognella is working to develop an integrated AI platform that allows us to review primary text and accelerate the creation of certain ancillary learning materials. Once our AI platform is launched, it will be able to analyze a completed manuscript, and additional uses we may employ as your publisher include:

  • Comparing chapters and chapter elements for consistency
  • Checking writing and citations against a specific style guide (such as CMOS or APA)
  • Crafting alt-text for images to aid accessibility
  • Creating lecture slides in PowerPoint
  • Generating exercises or activities
  • Composing quiz and test questions