How To Start Using AI

Start small and work iteratively.

The best place to begin is with simple, short requests for outlines or brief written content.

If you’re having trouble writing an entire chapter, AI might not be the best solution, but it can help you craft an initial draft of paragraphs or small sections you’re finding challenging.


Learn to guide AI with specificity.

If you’re hoping to strike a particular tone or present information from an exact perspective, be specific about what that is when you enter the AI prompt.

Is there a perspective or discipline area you focus on in the classroom? You may need to include this in your AI writing prompts.

There may be some trial and error involved as you learn how to work with AI. If your first pass doesn’t yield the result you wanted, try adjusting the prompt and running it again.


Review, research, and rewrite.

AI-generated text should be considered a starting point, rather than the finish line.

Perform a close review of the text AI creates and fact check it against your own specialized knowledge of the subject. If it’s an area of the discipline you’re less familiar with, you could ask a colleague’s help to review it.