82430 Follow, Communicate, Lead Reviews

Glowing Feedback for Follow, Communicate, Lead by Michelle Terese Violanti and Cassandra Ann Ray

“The realistic look offered by this text at the necessity of communication between leaders and followers in realistic settings is a must-have in training the next generation of organizational and group leaders … In my opinion, there are two crucial connections made by the authors in this text. The first is the link between traditional leadership information and the realism of the workplace. The second is the link between leaders and followers.”
Kyle B. Heuett, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, Ball State University

“One of the greatest strengths of this book is that the writing is appropriate for the target audience. A clear emphasis on topics such as ethics and culture is another strength … A primary strength, which makes the book especially appealing to me, is the effort to put followership and leadership on equal grounding. [This] is a feature that will certainly set this book apart from others in a positive way.”
Dr. Raymond R. Ozley, Associate Professor of Communication Studies, University of Montevallo

“I am excited to see a text that showcases the core of effective leadership, the leader-follower relationship … The bridge between leader and follower can certainly use a fresh lens, and the intention to integrate key concepts such as diversity and ethics throughout all chapters is admirable and well meaning.”
Jessica D. McCall, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Communication Studies, University of North Carolina, Greensboro