Custom Editions

Custom Editions

What is a Custom Edition?

Any Cognella textbook can be customized to fit your course. This can include:

  • Removing content that won’t be covered in your syllabus
  • Rearranging chapters to better fit the flow of your course
  • Adding original content (introductions, syllabus, etc.)
  • Combining chapters from multiple textbooks
  • Branding the cover for your program
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Why Create a Custom Edition?

If you love parts of a textbook, but it isn’t quite the perfect fit for your course, we can work with you to create exactly what your students need.

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How Does It Work?

Step 1

Select a Cognella title.

Step 2

Choose the content to keep, cut, or add.

Step 3

We do the rest!

Select a Cognella title from the Cognella Title Catalog.

Choose the content you want to keep, cut, and add. You can also rearrange chapters to better align with your curriculum, write your own original content to include, and select additional readings, studies, and book chapters from almost any publisher to round out the volume.

We’ll handle copyright clearance, rebuild the content into a custom edition, and re-price the volume accordingly.

If you’d like to make substantial changes, or if you’re looking to lower the price of materials for your students, you might be interested in creating a course pack.