Active Learning Features

Cognella Active Learning environments are highly customizable and can include any or all of the following learning modules.


Flashcards are a collection of two-sided cards containing words and phrases, definitions, images, symbols, or equations. Customize sets so students can drill terminology and key concepts, solve problems, or identify images to gain subject matter mastery.

Sample flashcards


Scenarios allow students to explore various situations and learn a thing or two along the way. As a scenario unfolds, students make strategic choices that affect its overall outcome. As students navigate different instances of cause and effect, they develop decision-making skills and situational awareness.

Sample scenario – case study
Sample scenario – tantrum
Sample scenario – pricing


Encourage students to apply knowledge through formative or summative assessments. Allow open book quizzes to reinforce key learnings, or let students collaborate to solve problems, reach conclusions, and discuss important topics.

Talk to a Cognella rep to see a sample quiz.

Skill-building games

Skill-building games introduce a fun element to the learning process as students apply their knowledge to win big or achieve a goal. Choose from an assortment of gamified study tools that encourage students to build memory and solve puzzles, all while reinforcing key learnings.

Sample drag-n-drop game
Sample memory game
Sample annotate picture game
Sample quiz show game


On-demand videos engage visual learners. Videos can feature content developed by the instructor in collaboration with Cognella or short clips licensed from third parties. Clips can include live-action demonstrations, animated tutorials or explanations, short lectures, or scenes from documentaries.

Sample tutorial
Sample explainer video
Sample live-action demonstration
Sample lecture

PowerPoint slides and lectures

Custom slides and recorded lectures can help instructors flip a class and ensure students never miss a lecture. This feature provides professors the flexibility to assign slides and/or lectures as homework and reserve class time to work through exercises collaboratively. Instructors can also grant students access to these resources to help them catch up if they miss a class.

Sample PowerPoint slides
Sample PowerPoint lecture