Become a Cognella Active Learning Instructor

If you’d like to introduce Cognella Active Learning to your course, there are a few ways to do so—create a textbook and online environment, create a standalone online course, adopt a textbook and ready-made environment, or contribute to an environment.


To create a complete learning solution for a course, you can partner with Cognella to produce both a textbook and a supplementary Cognella Active Learning environment. You’ll first work collaboratively with a Cognella textbook editor to develop a vision for a text that will not only provide your students a top-notch course experience, but will also perform well in the national market and inspire adoptions among other professors in your discipline. While your textbook is in development, you’ll consult with a Cognella Active Learning project editor to determine the features and content that will support your textbook and your students’ academic needs. While you and your Cognella Active Learning project editor develop the selected components, you’ll use a preliminary edition of your new textbook to teach your course. When the textbook Cognella Active Learning environment are both complete, we will launch the package on the national market and promote it to inspire adoption.

If you’re interested in creating a standalone online course, you’ll partner directly with a Cognella Active Learning project editor to develop an online learning environment blueprint, a course syllabus, learning objectives, dynamic content, and more. With the framework in place, you’ll collaborate with your editor to transform your vision into a complete, interactive online learning environment. When ready, we will launch your Cognella Active Learning course on the national market and promote it to inspire adoption.

If you’re searching for a new textbook to teach your course, and you’d like a text that is supplemented with active learning content, contact our Cognella Active Learning project editors for a consultation. After discussing your course and intended teaching outcomes, our editors will recommend textbooks and Cognella Active Learning environments that best align with your course.

If you’re currently using a Cognella textbook to teach your course, but the title does not offer supplemental active learning content, there may be an opportunity to create a Cognella Active Learning environment to support the text. Additionally, if a Cognella Active Learning environment is available, but does not include the features or content that would best support your students or course, consult a Cognella Active Learning editor to learn about creating new content.

Introduce Cognella Active Learning to your course

Contact an editor



Typical student savings

Benefits for instructors

  • Increases student engagement through dynamic online learning
  • Minimizes time spent on administrative tasks
  • Offers real-time course feedback
  • Tracks students who may need extra assistance
  • Bolsters textbook use and sales for authors

Benefits for students

  • Offers differentiated activities for varying learning styles
  • Allows students to easily track course progress and grades
  • Delivers a top-notch learning solution at low cost
  • Provides a dedicated space for meaningful educational experiences—inside and outside the classroom
  • Offers additional resources to encourage further research and exploration