To help authors select affordable, quality content, Cognella is proud to partner with dozens of notable academic publishers to offer pre-licensed readings, books chapters, case studies, and more at discounted rates. Selecting content from our publisher partners ensures lower textbook prices for students and a shortened production time for book projects.

Eurospan is a leading independent sales and marketing agency that represents North American academic and professional publishers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Asian-Pacific region, and Latin America. Eurospan provides Cognella with high-quality marketing, sales, and distribution services to increase the visibility and sales of Cognella titles within the international market.

Independent Publishers Group (IPG) is the second-largest independent book distributor in the United States. IPG helps Cognella titles reach new audiences via unique marketing efforts and robust distribution through print and digital channels.

Linguistica 360 is an independently owned, US-based company that produces original weekly programming to provide learners with an effective and innovative approach to studying languages. Their key offering is the “News in Slow” series, weekly podcasts of news highlights read slowly by two speakers in a native dialect. Cognella offers Linguistica 360 subscriptions at a discount as companion material to Cognella foreign language textbooks, course packs, and Cognella Active Learning courses.