Company-Hosted Awards

The Cognella Innovation in Teaching Awards for Family Science is an annual award that recognizes outstanding instructors in the Family Science who introduce cutting-edge teaching practices to their courses to better engage students and advance scholarship in the discipline. We’re proud to partner with the National Council on Family Relations to present this award each year.

Click the button below to learn about the 2018 winners of the Cognella Innovation in Teaching Awards for Family Science!

The Cognella Cares Student Scholarship Program awards students with academic scholarships for writing personal essays on timely and relevant topics, including college life, politics, social justice issues, and more. The program was designed to provide students with a platform to share their unique thoughts, experiences, and ideas for change. We’re proud to highlight the innovative voices of tomorrow and to recognize students for their creativity, vulnerability, and thought leadership.

The submission period for the Fall 2018 Cognella Cares Student Scholarship Program is now closed. Check back in November to learn about the winners!