To Track Your Order

Locate the tracking number we provided you with your order confirmation. With this information, determine if your order is being shipped via USPS or FedEx.

If your order is being shipped via USPS, input your tracking number on the USPS website:

If your order is being shipped via FedEx, input your tracking number on the FedEx website:

To Access the First 30% of a Print Textbook

If you’ve ordered a print textbook from Cognella, but you need to get started on readings or assignments before your book arrives, Cognella provides you with digital access to the first 30% of your purchased text.

The first 30% of your text will download as a PDF file, which you can access in Adobe Reader, a free digital reading application. Verify that Adobe Reader is installed on your computer or device on the Adobe website:

Once you’ve verified Adobe Reader is installed, log in to your account, click on the My Digital Materials tab, and select the Cognella title you’d like to begin reading.

If you have additional questions regarding shipping, check out our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Shipping FAQs

While we work with trusted carriers, sometimes they have delivery issues. Locate your tracking number that we provided you via email and track your shipment at USPS or FedEx (if you are unsure of your tracking number, please contact us at If the tracking system says that your shipment has been delivered to your location, you'll want to review the following options based on your shipment location:
  1. If you live on campus, please check with the mail service that delivers packages to your campus. Note that some campuses have separate locations for USPS and FedEx packages.
  2. If you live in an apartment complex or off-campus housing, please check with your leasing or management office to see if the package was left with them (it may not have fit in your mailbox). You may also need to contact your local post office to pick up your package (some leasing offices refuse to accept packages). For more information on contacting your local post office, call 1-800-ASK-USPS or visit
  3. If you have roommates, please double-check with them since they may have simply forgotten to mention that your shipment has arrived.
If these steps don't help you find your course materials, or the tracking database doesn't state that your shipment has arrived, please contact us at or 800-200-3908 ext. 503. We'll remedy the situation as soon as possible!
We make every attempt to process orders as quickly as possible so we can ship your items to you as quickly as possible. Select the best option below depending upon the shipping status of your order.

My order has already shipped. Once your order has shipped, it cannot be modified in any way by our customer service department. Here are a couple of options you can try at this point:
  1. Contact the carrier (USPS or FedEx), provide them with your routing number, and see if there is any way for them to reroute the package to a different address.
  2. If the original address is your home or shipping address, ask someone at that address to forward you the package at your new or school address.
My order has not shipped yet. Contact our customer service department immediately to see if we are able to change your address before shipping. Be sure to log in to your Cognella Student Store account and update your shipping address there, so that we ship your materials to the correct address the next time you order with us.
Please complete our return request form, including details about your damaged learning materials. A team member will be in contact with you as soon as possible to remedy the situation.