"Cognella Academic Publishing worked directly with me to create the textbook I imagined for my introductory architecture course. The plethora of diagrams and color images I incorporated into the book required the close attention of Cognella's editorial and graphic design teams. They were attentive to detail, flexible, and expeditious. The result is a clearly written and lushly illustrated text that resonates with students and accommodates their diverse learning needs."

Joseph Godlewski, Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor, Syracuse University School of Architecture

“I am grateful for the support I received from the Cognella Academic Publishing team on the first edition of School Counseling and Counselor Intervention. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to my publishing team for their continued support.”

Delila Owens, Ph.D.,
Associate Professor, Coordinator of the School of Counseling Program, The University of Akron

“The publishing process has been smooth and professional every step of the way. The staff at Cognella are competent, professional, and a pleasure to work with.”

Evelyn Stiller, Ph.D.,
Professor of Digital Media, Plymouth State University

“The Cognella team is both professional and personal at the same time. They were more than willing to answer any and every question I asked. Great work, team.”

Lynn Davis,
Adjunct Faculty Member, Department of Human Relations and Multicultural Education, St. Cloud University

“A fantastic team assisted me through every phase of the publication process. I couldn’t be more delighted.”

Greg Berg, Ph.D.,
Adjunct Faculty Member, Pima Community College

“The Cognella team is very professional and will make your project a high priority. You will be proud of the finished product!”

Stephen Curtis, Ph.D., HSPP,
Clinical Psychologist

"The team at Cognella are professionals through and through. They provide exceptional resources, share strength-based feedback, and allow you freedom in the writing process."

Matt Moore, Ph.D., MSW,
Assistant Professor of Social Work and Undergraduate Program Director, Ball State University

My personal experience with Cognella has been nothing short of excellent. I have been especially impressed with how Cognella has worked with me to bring the cost of my textbook down and help students purchase affordable course materials.

Charles Tatum,
Professor of Psychology, San Diego State University

If I ever publish another book, I don't think you could talk me into publishing anything with anyone else. Cognella has been great! Helpful, smart, flexible, and able to tailor everything to produce the very best results.

Dork Sahagian,
Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Lehigh University

The folks at Cognella have been terrific. I couldn’t be happier with the online component of my textbook. Now my students have one place where they can access course materials, work together on group projects, study using interactive flashcards, and take quizzes. They love it.

Robert Kemp,
Senior Research Professor, University of Virginia

Cognella went above and beyond in making the publication process as smooth as possible! When I was initially approached about creating an anthology, I could never have imagined the eloquent and efficient final product that I created. All of my fears as a first-time author were put to rest easily, and everyone at Cognella made my experience truly rewarding.

Kiersten Renee Baughman,
Associate Professor of Psychology, University of the Cumberlands

When we first approached Cognella, we did so with previously developed course content that had been in use for more than a decade, but the experts at Cognella took it to a whole new level. The professionalism they added to the textbook was a pleasant surprise, and the addition of the dynamic Active Learning component blew us away. The team worked diligently to develop a slew of interactive games and flashcards. We created video lectures for each topic and developed section-based PPT slides and worksheets. The end product is polished and effective.

Ronnie Yates and Jim Matovina,
Professors of Mathematics, College of Southern Nevada

I am so happy with the final outcome! The book cover is fabulous and won recognition in a national competition. Cognella provided an opportunity that I did not think I had to write this text, and I will always be grateful for their kindness and generosity.

Gina Strumwasser,
Professor of Art History, California State University Fresno

Working with Cognella helped me and my coeditor by challenging our approach, perfecting style and rigor, and meeting the needs of both students and instructors while making conceptual connections approachable and meaningful.

Robert E. Gutsche, Jr.,
Assistant Professor of Journalism and Visual Communication, Florida International University

I received excellent advice and support from Cognella team members while publishing the latest edition of Reading Strategies for College and Beyond. The entire team was extremely helpful and professional during the creative process. Their positive feedback along the way helped me tremendously and I appreciate the way they genuinely cared about my project. Their attention to detail and quick response to any and all of my questions was greatly appreciated. It was truly a pleasure to work with Cognella Publishing.

Deborah Kellner,
Associate Professor of English, SUNY Oneonta

The staff at Cognella have been wonderful to work with. Everyone has been very accommodating and helpful. I truly appreciate Cognella’s willingness to let me write the type of book I want to write.

Keith K. Schillo,
Associate Professor of Biology, SUNY Oneonta

Let me say that I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the staff at Cognella. Everyone has been very professional and attentive. I would gladly recommend Cognella to others.

Charles DeMotte,
Professor of Sociology, SUNY Courtland

I have always felt that the level of support that I receive from Cognella is close and personal. I always feel like I know what to expect throughout the process, and I appreciate the care given to my books through thorough copyediting and creative cover design.

James Windell,
Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice, Wayne State University

The team was patient, knowledgeable, and efficient in their work. Communication was clear and helpful. Overall, a great experience!

James R. Pope,
Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies, Winston-Salem State University

I received wonderful feedback and support from the editorial staff at Cognella while writing my book, the final cover is gorgeous, and my colleagues are quick to comment on the wonderful look and layout of the text.

Suzanne Regan,
Professor of Television, Film, and Media, California State University Los Angeles

The Cognella production team was very supportive and informative. I had a very good experience!

Gilbert D. Soto,
Professor of Music Education and Guitar, Texas A&M International University

I am just thrilled with the second edition of Medieval Answers to Modern Problems, especially the wonderful cover. My students appear to like the book, and I, as their instructor, have been delighted with the expansion, revision, and re-arrangement of the readings. The collaboration with the production team at Cognella was fantastic.

Albrecht Classen,
University Distinguished Professor of German Studies, The University of Arizona

I am extremely pleased with the effective cover design of my book, as well as the careful and meticulous editing of the revised manuscript that I submitted.

Paul Von Blum,
Senior Lecturer in African American Studies and Communication Studies, University of California, Los Angeles

I just wanted to thank Cognella again for the excellent work and assistance in publishing the second edition of my book. Your freelance production edition, Tracy Buyan; associate editor, Kaela Martin; and senior graphic designer, Jess Estrella, were fantastic! Besides giving me great advice, all of them were very professional and had enormous patience. I felt very comfortable working with them. It was a great collaboration! Overall, Cognella has a great system for publishing. The entire process was completed in steps. After one step was completed, another was started. For me, this was a great system, because I was not overwhelmed, and I could revise submissions before we moved on to the next step. In fact, I remember changing something we’d completed in an earlier part of the process, and the Cognella staff were happy to make the change, which for me was a miracle. Cognella is the BEST!

John F. Mahoney,
Associate Professor of Business Ethics, New York University, Stern

The process of publication of a textbook with Cognella is well-organized; its editors and assistants are very professional and helpful, and the finished work is of a high quality.

Leo Hansen,
Professor of Architecture, Florida Atlantic University

I have found Cognella’s support for my course content to be super. They help in every phase of course preparation and delivery, and their Active Learning environment is first rate. One of my students, who has taken several other courses online, raves about the extent and timeliness of the feedback he gets compared with that of the other courses he has taken. Finally, the technical support to myself and my students, who can go directly to the Helpdesk, is amazing. Cognella has made a very complicated process easy, and I have enjoyed working with them.

Stephen J. Silver, Ph.D.,
Professor of Business Administration, The Citadel

I had a great experience with Cognella. Their editors were always quick to respond, and the proofreading for my book was excellent.

Cheryl Miller,
Professor of Nursing, Chattanooga State Community College

I had previously submitted my manuscript to another publisher, and they dragged their feet for two years. Upon receipt of my proposal, a Cognella editor replied back quickly via email to set up a phone call. It was a wonderful chat, and I quickly devoted my energy to working with the Cognella team. Without a doubt, their quickness and professionalism in responding to my submission and queries is what made working with Cognella an easy choice.

C. Scott Rudick,
Assistant Professor of Communication, University of Northern Iowa

I found the Cognella team extremely helpful, supportive, and communicative throughout the entire publishing process. I would definitely consider working with Cognella again in the future.

Molly Maynard,
Professor of English, Truckee Meadows Community College

As someone who had never done this before, I couldn't be more grateful for all the professional understanding I was afforded through the entire process. Gem Rabanera was awesome, staying involved in every step, guiding my involvement, keeping me informed and dealing with anything and everything that came up.

William M. Sampson,
Lecturer, University of Florida

I recently published a second edition of my text, Communication and Prejudice, with Cognella, and it was a low-stress, enjoyable revision experience. The Cognella team was communicative and helpful throughout, and I received great feedback from them. The final product is clean, error-free, easy to read, and the cover is very attractive.

Alexis Tan,
Professor of Communication, Washington State University

I highly endorse Cognella Academic Publishing. Their collaboration on my text was characterized by prompt feedback and guidance, careful and diligent editing, and an outstanding final book cover.

James Honeycutt,
Distinguished Professor of Communications, Louisiana State University

Assembly Language Programming Made Clear is my first book to be published by an academic press. I really enjoyed the support and the help Cognella team members provided during every step in the publishing process.

Howard Dachslager,
Professor of Mathematics, Irvine Valley College

Cognella's friendly staff takes a lot of the work out of publishing, while—within the parameters of a workable budget—giving you, the author, full freedom over content and style. I'm so pleased with the experience and product that I'm already considering putting together another book with the company.

Joanna Kirk,
Lecturer, Pre-Law Advisor, and Legal Studies Coordinator, State University of New York Geneseo

I couldn’t be happier with the second edition of Advanced Criminal Investigation. The book is greatly improved from the first edition, and Cognella staff members were supportive and knowledgeable at every step of the process.

Stephen D’Arcy,
Lecturer, California State University Sacramento

The personnel at Cognella are highly professional and likeable, which results in a great publishing experience. Not once did communication lag during the publication of Entertainment Law: Fundamentals and Practice, and everyone I worked with was skilled and responsive. The final product is exceptional, and the cover is very popular and has elicited lots of nice comments. A huge thank you to everyone at Cognella!

Corey Field,
Lecturer, University of Southern California - Gould School of Law

Every single person, from start to finish, was friendly, respectful, and very professional. All of the assistance I received was helpful, and the whole process was smooth and comfortable. I am very happy with the process and the final product.

Perk Musacchio,
Educational Consultant and Retired Teacher

I have worked with many publishing houses, and the sense of ‘family’ and the real support and concern that I get from those at Cognella has me hooked! At every phase of the publishing process, the level of care and communication was excellent. All of my questions were answered in a timely fashion, and everyone at Cognella was open to my perspective and my suggestions. The team was particularly helpful with securing permissions, and they did an excellent job with the copyediting of the book, too.

Richard Parsons,
Professor of Counselor Education, West Chester University

Everyone at Cognella made the process smooth and easy. I am grateful for the opportunity they gave me and for the assistance they provided. It was a quick and transparent process, and I enjoyed the experience of writing for this team.

Vickie Ann McCoy,
Professor of Counselor Education, West Chester University

From start to finish, I received excellent support from the team at Cognella. The editorial development assistance and copyediting were, in a word, wonderful.

Karen Dickinson,
Associate Professor, West Chester University

The entire process was made easier by the guidance and support we received from Cognella. We had good information to work from each step of the way!

Mary Alice Ozechoski,
Vice President of Student Affairs and Traditional Enrollment, Cedar Crest College

The Cognella team was very helpful throughout the book publishing process. The experienced team members were able to furnish us very detailed information about the entire process. They were able to anticipate our needs before we even knew we had needs. The communication was frequent and transparent. I felt very supported by this wonderful team.

Jacqueline Hodes,
Associate Professor, West Chester University

I am impressed with the level of assistance I received from Cognella, as well as their professionalism.

Dean A. Minix,
Professor of Political Science

My experience in publishing the second edition of Auditioning for Actor Training Programs with Cognella was nothing short of exceptional! The team at Cognella took to heart my suggestions regarding font, negative space, and illustrations for the new edition, and they provided me with valuable suggestions to improve the text as well. I truly appreciate the quick turnaround and the overall publishing experience. I’ve already recommended Cognella to two of my colleagues.

Elizabeth Terrel,
Associate Professor of Voice and Movement, West Michigan University

Every student I’ve talked to about Cognella Active Learning had said that they find it very useful. Last semester, the average on my first test was 77%. The average on the first exam this semester, using essentially the same test, was 83%. I have to attribute this to my students using Cognella Active Learning. They’ve shared with me that the practice quizzes let them know what to expect and the flashcards are a great review.

R. Thomas Boyd,
Associate Professor of Neuroscience, The Ohio State University

The entire Cognella team was so helpful throughout the process. They really know customer service.

Bradley R.A. Wilson,
Professor of Health Promotion and Education, University of Cincinnati

I received exceptional support from Cognella during the entire publishing process!

Dr. Jonathan Golding,
Professor of Psychology, University of Kentucky

We would like to thank the editorial staff at Cognella Academic Publishing who have made this project a reality. A special thanks to Laura Pasquale, Gem Rabanera, Charlotte Morris, and Berenice Quirino for their helpful publishing and editorial skills and for their commitment to giving “voice” to the contributors. We would also like to thank both Jess Estrella and Dani Skeen who patiently collaborated with us in creating the book’s cover and in the marketing of the book. We are very grateful for the empowering and collaborative experience we have had throughout the writing of this book.

Jeanne E. Manese, Ph.D., and Theodore R. Burnes, Ph.D.,
Licensed clinical psychologists, higher education faculty members, and professional consultants

Throughout the publishing experience of Basics of Group Counseling and Psychotherapy: An Introductory Guide, Cognella personnel were there to immediately support and facilitate the process. I am impressed and grateful for the care and attention that was extended to me as an author. The results show in a vastly improved final product.

Lawrence Stephen Peltz, Ph.D., LMFT,
Licensed marriage and family therapist in private practice

I felt that the staff at Cognella that I had frequent direct contact with were very professional. What I liked the most was the prompt reply when I had questions.

Thomas W. Roberts,
Chair of the Department of Child and Family Development, San Diego State University

I enjoyed working with Cognella on my book, from outlining ideas to the guidance they provided along the way. At every step of the project, the folks I worked with were professional, efficient, and a pleasure to talk to.

Jack D. Andersen, Ph.D.,
History Instructor, Collin College and Tarrant County College

Cognella is a first-class publisher! I just finished publishing my second book with them, and I loved every moment. From the start to the final production, all team members were helpful and efficient. Thank you to Cognella for helping me share my knowledge.

Nicole Luongo, Ed.D.,
Associate Professor of Education and Director of Distance Learning, St. Peter’s University

Cognella has been excellent to work with. The team is professional and highly responsive to my needs as an author. I have enjoyed working with them over the years and will be publishing with Cognella a second time because of my positive experiences.

Sharyn Jones, Ph.D.,
Professor of Anthropology, Northern Kentucky University

As a first-time author, my experience with Cognella was, and continues to be, extremely smooth! Communications are excellent as is the guidance from editors. I highly recommend Cognella for academic authors!

Nelson Kraus, M.Sc., M.D.,
Associate Adjunct Professor of Biology, University of Indianapolis

The Cognella team made my first publishing experience a very positive one. Cognella is staffed with professional, dependable, and courteous people. They communicate well and they provide careful guidance.

Mary Ellen Mastrorilli, Ph.D.,
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Policy and Administration, Boston University Metropolitan College

From start to finish, Cognella provided excellent care to each writer and editor of our project. Thank you!

Teri Hourihan, LPC, NCC,
President of the Arizona Association of Counselor Education and Supervision

Working with Cognella was a great experience, especially as a first time author/editor. Their response time to questions was immediate, and they provided amazing resources to help all the authors of our book throughout the entire process.

Megan Matthews,
Lecturer in Management, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Outstanding support from start to finish, particularly from an academic press where authors are given a lot of flexibility and freedom. The finished product both internally and externally is equally similar to what one would expect from a competitive trade press.

Dr. Michael Arntfield,
Criminologist, Consultant, and Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology, Western University

Cognella has created an exceptional process for producing books. They provide professional assistance every step of the way. I thoroughly enjoyed my project with them.

Len Ferman,
Adjunct Professor of Management, University of North Florida