Company Culture

Company Culture

Our Name

Cognella. We know, it’s a funny word. But for us, it’s what happens when you combine equal parts intelligence and spirit—a pairing everyone at Cognella can get behind. The belief that our company is fueled by both mind and heart guides how we operate as a business, as well as how we treat our customers and each other—with professionalism, empathy, and a commitment to quality.

Our Mission

To help others achieve excellence by facilitating education and building knowledge.

Our Team

Our team members come from diverse educational and professional backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common: a personal drive for excellence. We value highly engaged, customer-focused team members who work hard, solve problems, demonstrate initiative, and collaborate with others to support Cognella and its mission.

Our Culture

Our culture is rooted in passion, collaboration, and collective well-being. We empower team members to create, innovate, and suggest ideas to continually make Cognella better. And while we work hard to achieve significant results, we also care about each other and make sure we have some fun along the way.

Our work environment supports well-being and excitement in equal measure. On any given day at Cognella, team members can be found working at a standing desk, participating in an on-site bocce tournament, enjoying a company-provided afternoon snack, attending a lunch and learn session, or stretching out in a yoga class.

For the past six years, Cognella has been recognized as a Top Workplace by The San Diego Union-Tribune. Read the press release about the 2022 award. 


Environmental Responsibility

To minimize paper waste and environmental impact, Cognella subscribes to a print-on-demand model, only printing what is necessary to supply students and instructors with learning materials they have purchased. We’re also committed to working with printers that maintain SFI®, FSC®, and PEFC™ certifications to ensure the sustainability of forest resources and a commitment to minimizing their impact on the environment.

Core Values

Be passionate

Demonstrate empathy

Achieve Results

Act as a team player

Drive innovation

Keep it simple