Copyright and Licensing Services

Cognella offers thorough copyright clearance services to protect our authors and partners from costly copyright infringement lawsuits and liability. To that end, we have a dedicated, in-house licensing team that quickly and affordably secures the necessary permissions to republish third-party content included within Cognella learning materials.

Additionally, the team diligently builds and maintains strong working relationships with publishers and rights holders to guide authors to cost-effective resources, negotiate the lowest rates possible to re-publish third-party content, and to ensure an efficient permissions process.

In support of Cognella authors and learning materials, the licensing team also:

  • Leverages existing relationships with rights holders to offer authors access to cost-effective resources and selections
  • Researches third-party content sources to confirm the correct rights holders, which reduces the time required to secure necessary permissions
  • Helps authors understand how the use of copyrighted material can affect the market price of a published learning material
  • Obtains copyright clearance and pays all associated fees that are due to rights holders
  • Negotiates with publishers to secure the lowest licensing fees possible for third-party content
  • Indemnifies authors, faculty members, academic institutions, and bookstores from copyright infringement actions related to the copyright clearance services we provide
  • Partners with high-quality content providers to provide pre-negotiated royalty fees
  • Manages and archives copyright clearance contracts for repeat use by authors, simplifying the permissions process for future editions or additional Cognella projects

Report Copyright Issues

If you’re a copyright owner who suspects an issue, please contact us.