Copyright and Licensing Services

Copyright and Licensing Services

Cognella offers thorough copyright clearance services to protect our authors and partners from costly copyright infringement lawsuits and liability. To that end, we have a dedicated, in-house licensing team that quickly and affordably secures the necessary permissions to republish third-party content included within Cognella learning materials.

Additionally, the team diligently builds and maintains strong working relationships with publishers and rights holders to guide authors to cost-effective resources, negotiate the lowest rates possible to re-publish third-party content, and to ensure an efficient permissions process.

In support of Cognella authors and learning materials, the licensing team:

  • Leverages existing relationships with rights holders to offer authors access to cost-effective resources and selections
  • Researches third-party content sources to confirm the correct rights holders, which reduces the time required to secure necessary permissions
  • Helps authors understand how the use of copyrighted material can affect the market price of a published learning material
  • Obtains copyright clearance and pays all associated fees that are due to rights holders
  • Negotiates with publishers to secure the lowest licensing fees possible for third-party content
  • Indemnifies authors, faculty members, academic institutions, and bookstores from copyright infringement actions related to the copyright clearance services we provide
  • Partners with high-quality content providers to provide pre-negotiated royalty fees
  • Manages and archives copyright clearance contracts for repeat use by authors, simplifying the permissions process for future editions or additional Cognella projects

Foreign Rights Information

Cognella is proud to offer a large selection of titles available for translation. Our titles cover a range of topics, including wellness, self-improvement, science, mathematics, and more. Discover the latest Cognella titles available for translation in our Foreign Rights Catalog.

Request to Republish Cognella Content

If you’d like to use content previously published by Cognella, send us an email at, and we’d be happy to assist you.

Report Copyright Issues

If you’re a copyright owner who suspects an issue, please email us at

Report Piracy or Suspected Scam Websites

If you’re a Cognella author and you suspect your learning materials have been pirated or are being used on a scam website, please contact us at

Common indicators that a website may be attempting to sell pirated material or scam online shoppers include:

  • Textbook pricing that is unusually low (too good to be true!)
  • Shipping or delivery times indicated for ebooks (ebook delivery should be immediate)
  • Copious typos, missing contact information, or pages across the site that aren’t fully developed/obviously missing key details

As a reminder, Cognella partners with VitalSource, RedShelf, and Eurospan for book marketing, sales, and distribution. These companies may also have contracts with additional partners that allow them to legally and responsibly make your book available for purchase (for example, via Follett,, and other reputable distributors). If you find your book for sale on a website that you’re not familiar with, but it appears legitimate, it may be an additional distributor rather than a malicious website.

If you’re unsure or would like a second opinion on a potentially malicious website, please contact, and our team will be happy to review the website.