Another Way Choosing to Change Program Locations and Testimonials

Another Way...Choosing to Change Curriculum


The Another Way…Choosing to Change Curriculum has been implemented within various organizations and programs at the following locations: 

Winter Park, FL
Boise, ID
Santa Clara County, CA
Oxnard, CA
Santa Cruz County, CA
Principality of Andorra (Europe)
Bakersfield, CA
Napa County, CA
Merced County, CA
Santa Barbara County, CA
Mariposa County, CA
Modesto, CA
Solano County, CA
San Luis Obispo, CA
Yolo County
Fresno, CA
Caldwell, ID
Menlo Park, CA

Anonymous Participant Testimonials 

“Thank you for everything; you made me a better man and I feel better”

“Thanks for all you have helped me and these God-given men achieve. I so respect you for your honesty and loyalty to us all. May God continue to keep you.”

“Thank you 4 helping me become a better person”

“Thanks for all the teachings, lessons & time you have put into each of us…I really appreciate it-thanks!”

“As a volunteer, this program has help me to become a better person, not only to myself as well as to my family, friends, and my marriage…this program is and was a true blessing to me as well as people that close to me and my life. Thanks Nada I can honestly say I’m a changed man and I have learned so many things in this program. How do you thank someone who changed your life? Thank you so very much Nada Yorke”

“everything about this class is helpful. This class would rate a score of 10 on a 1-10 scale. Keep up the great work!”

“Thank you very much for your aid in helping me become a better person in life; as well as an productive husband to and for my wife!”

“…besides the class being too short, I thought that anyone willing to change for the better, should consider this course prior to parole.”

“I just wished that we would not be on lockdown all the time, so I would be able to attend the class constantly. I’ve learned so much and it really changed my way of being and thinking, all to the good. Thank you Mrs. Yorke.”

“I believe that this class should be given to everybody, because a lot of us already know a lot about this, but this class shows us how to apply it to our everyday life.”

If you’re interested in perusing the content of the curriculum materials, visit the title pages for each book (click the cover images above) and request a digital review copy.

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