Author Resources

At Cognella, we pride ourselves on helping authors through every step of the publishing process. We provide signed authors with quick guides, webinars, editorial assistance, access to pre-cleared, low-cost content, and more.

Immediately after signing with Cognella, you’ll receive:

  • The Cognella Start-up Kit
  • Anthology authors—Quick Guide to Building an Anthology
  • Original manuscript authors—Authorship Made Easy: The Cognella Guide to Writing a Textbook

Resources you’ll find helpful while developing your manuscript:


  • Citations*
  • Selecting Readings*
  • Selecting Images*
  • Formatting Your Manuscript*
  • Creating Instructor Resources
  • Submitting Materials
  • Prelaunch Marketing

* These guides feature a companion webinar that can be viewed live or as a recording following the presentation date.


  • Using a Permissions Log to List Text Excerpts and Readings
  • Citing Work in an Academic Textbook
  • Creating a Figure Program
  • Formatting and Submitting Your Manuscript

Editorial Support

  • Initial feedback on a sample chapter followed by:
    • Further consultation with your project editor, and in some cases, your discipline specialist signing editor
    • Ongoing project support as needed or requested, which may include setting up a writing plan, sharing pedagogical content examples, and providing you with a model chapter structure
  • Editor Toolkits, helpful writing guides on specific topics, including:
    • Introductions, Prefaces, and Forewords
    • Crafting a Table of Contents
    • Chapter Introductions
    • Learning Objectives and Outcomes
    • Key Terms and Concepts
    • Incorporating Questions into a Textbook
    • Using Vignettes, Case Scenarios, and Case Studies
    • Helping Co-authors Write with a Unified Voice
    • Paraphrasing Successfully
    • And more!

 Content resources

  • Reference consultations with one of our digital librarians
  • Curated lists of suggested readings
  • Access to the Cognella Digital Library and all of our publisher partner content