Common Pedagogical Elements

Note that your field or discipline plays a major role in determining the kinds of features that are most suitable for your ebook.

Pre-Instructional Content Features

In an anthology, these features come before the selected readings. In an original text, these appear at the beginning of the chapter.

  • Formal introductions to each chapter
  • Learning objectives
  • Learning outcomes
  • Key terms and concepts (*may be interactive)
  • Pre-reading questions
  • Predicting
  • Schema activation activities
  • Vignettes

Instructional Content Features

In an anthology, these are the selected readings. The readings themselves cannot be modified in any way, but it may be possible to use sidebars to include additional content. The Cognella licensing team can provide detailed guidance about any provisions regarding readings you have chosen. In an original text, these supplement the main body of the chapter.

  • Text boxes within the content
  • Comprehension questions or exercises scattered throughout the chapter
  • Reflection opportunities
  • Vignettes
  • Notetaking guidance
  • Study strategies
  • Calls to action (Try This Now!)
  • Icons that allow for cross-referencing between chapters