Cognella Marketing Overview: Interactive Ebooks

Our marketing efforts are targeted to higher education instructors who are teaching courses within your discipline, and our ultimate goal is to secure consistent, long-lasting adoptions of your interactive ebook, which results in regular use and dependable sales. The majority of our marketing efforts will occur after your interactive ebook has launched and is fully available for sales and adoption.

We encourage instructors to preview your ebook’s content and speak with our adoptions team to decide if the title is right for their course. Our adoption specialists follow up with instructors who’ve expressed interest to encourage adoption and help them incorporate your interactive ebook into their curriculum.

What Cognella Does to Promote Your Book

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing has proven our most effective method of reaching targeted audiences and academic contacts. Our email campaigns are engaging, relevant, and informative. We send campaigns to professors who actively teach courses that align with your interactive ebook’s content.

Title Launch Campaign

This email campaign will feature your title exclusively and emphasize the value of your book. You’ll receive your book’s email campaigns, and we encourage you to share them with your colleagues, associates, and anyone you think might be interested in adopting your text.

Seasonal Announcements

Your book will be included in our seasonal email catalog campaigns. We schedule these campaigns in coordination with prime textbook adoption timeframes. We send digital catalogs to instructors who are actively teaching courses that align with the subject matter of your ebook.

The Cognella Title Catalog 

The Cognella Title Catalog ( displays our full selection of titles, complete with images and descriptions of each title and its author(s). Typically, listings also include textbook reviews, links to other Cognella titles by the author(s), and details about supplementary materials for the book (instructor resources).

The Cognella Title Catalog is the go-to place for instructors in your discipline to learn more about your title and view a sneak preview.

Social Media

We’ll post announcements about your book (its initial launch, reviews published in newspapers, journals, or magazines, etc.) to our Facebook ( and Twitter (@Cognella) accounts. To improve visibility of your title, we encourage you to interact with and share these posts.

Print Flyers and Postcards

Cognella can create print flyers or postcards for special events or marketing opportunities, including conferences, university events, etc. If you’d like to request print pieces, please contact the marketing team well in advance of your event to allow time for consultation, development, design, and printing.