Cognella Startup Kit – Page 2

Cognella Start-up Kit


During the first phase of the publishing process, you’ll participate in early conceptual discussions with your signing editor, set goals, define your academic approach, and sign a publishing agreement with Cognella.

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During the second phase, you’ll meet your project editor, gain access to a variety of publishing resources, receive editorial feedback, prepare your manuscript (always remember to back up your work!), and receive instructions on how to deliver your manuscript and its components.

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During the third phase, your editor and our licensing team will review your completed manuscript. Our team will check for proper formatting and application of Microsoft Word Styles in your manuscript files in order to create consistency and enable a smooth process during the production phase of your book. In addition, our licensing professionals will conduct an initial licensing review of your proposed third-party content (both text and images).

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During the fourth phase, you’ll meet your production editor, review and apply copyediting changes, receive cover design samples for consideration, and provide final approval of the formatting and organizational appearance of your textbook proof.

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During the final phase, Cognella will send your textbook to press (either as a preliminary or first edition). If you use a preliminary edition, you’ll gather feedback from students and refine your content. When your text is ready, Cognella will launch it on the national market as a first edition. At this time, the Cognella marketing team will promote your title to encourage adoption, if applicable.

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