Cognella Startup Kit – Page 9

Preparing Your Book for Publication

The following graphics and text outline the treatment we’ll apply to a first edition or succeeding publication. The process for a preliminary edition publication may vary. Your editor can explain the nuances in further detail and let you know if your text will first go to press as a preliminary edition, or bypass a preliminary edition publication entirely.

Pre-Production Phase

Alt Text

Once we’ve received your manuscript, readings and excerpts log, and image log, your book enters the pre-production phase. During this phase, our team organizes your book’s files to ensure everything is accounted for and labeled correctly. We review your manuscript to confirm appropriate Word Styles are applied. We may verify the resolution of the images you’ve selected or provided to ensure they are of high enough quality to print. If our team determines an image will not print well, your editor will contact you to discuss alternatives. Additionally, our licensing team will complete an initial licensing review and approve all content for your book. This phase generally takes about four to six weeks to complete.

At the end of this initial phase, all content selections (text excerpts, readings, figures, etc.) for your textbook should be selected and accounted for in your readings and text excerpts log and image log. Our licensing team needs as much time as possible to contact rights holders, generate credit lines, procure permissions agreements, and finalize licensing fees during the next phase of our publishing process. Having your content selections finalized at this time will help our team process the rights and permissions for your book in a timely, efficient, and complete manner.

Once all content has been approved, your book moves into production, which includes copyediting, manuscript layout, proof review, cover design development, and more.