Quick Guide: Citations

This guide will help you determine when it’s necessary to include a formal citation within your Cognella manuscript and also provides examples of citing various source types correctly with either Chicago Manual of Style or APA Style.

The style you’ll use for your manuscript largely depends upon your academic discipline and the subject matter of your book. If you’re unsure of the style you’ll be using within your text, please contact your project editor before you start writing.

The proper citation and collection of source information ensures that you are acknowledging academic sources, where appropriate, and provides our licensing and publishing teams with all the information they need to secure licensing and permissions for all third-party content.

What Do I Need to Cite?

The following should be cited directly within your manuscript:

  • Any text that is taken from the source word-for-word (and therefore appears in your manuscript in quotation marks)
  • Any data that you did not collect yourself
  • Paraphrased material (whether rewritten or rephrased)
  • References, i.e. any information gleaned from another’s work
  • Trademarked names or phrases
  • Any images or photos that you did not create or take yourself

In all of the above cases, it’s appropriate to credit the original source of the material.

What Do I Need to Include in My Readings and Excerpts Log?

Any quote or text you use in your manuscript that is longer than 350 words should be included. Additionally, any poem or text used in its entirety, even if it’s shorter than 350 words, should be included.

If you use multiple excerpts from a single text source, and together, they add up to over 350 words, add the text source to your Readings and Excerpts Log. For example, if you use 200 words on page 78 of your text; 200 words on page 90; and 50 words on page 101, the total number of words used is 450. Since this is more than 350 words altogether, it would be appropriate to add this source to your Readings and Excerpts Log.

If you plan to use images within your text, please add information about each image within your Image Log, even if they are original, meaning you created them for your book. Any images that are not original will need to be vetted by our licensing team to ensure we can secure the necessary permissions to republish them in your book.