Quick Guide: Cover Design – Preliminary Edition

Preliminary Edition

For your preliminary edition, your Cognella cover designer will develop a clean and appealing design concept featuring one primary image that is a visual representation of your book’s key theme.

Once your manuscript moves into production, you will receive two proof variations on a single design concept from your cover designer. Each proof will feature differences in color, and the typography will be clear and crisp. You’ll have the opportunity to select the proof you like the best, or to provide notes on the color choice or image selection—particularly letting them know if the image used accurately represents your book’s content focus. You will also be able to request minor, text-based changes such as adjustments to your name display (for example, adding a middle initial or including a professional designation like Ph.D.) or approved changes to your book’s title.

Your preliminary edition will not include a book description or author biography on the back cover, as these elements are reserved for your first edition.

After you’ve worked with your designer to select your preliminary edition cover, you may share feedback regarding the image selection and initial concept with your designer. They will give careful consideration to your feedback as they move forward with developing the cover for your first edition.

Because these editions are intended for a closed classroom setting while you test your book and refine its content, we recommend that the cover be somewhat distinct from the first edition.

Below are examples of preliminary edition cover proofs.

Alt Text
Alt Text