Quick Guide: Equation Editor Activities


This is an elevated fill in the blank exercise ideal for STEM-related subjects. This exercise provides the student with a WYSIWYG equation editor so that they may input more complex answers than would otherwise be possible with their keyboard alone. Examples of such answer types include matrices, exponents, fractions, and alphanumeric characters.


  • The elements included in the equation editor may be customized, thereby adjusting the difficulty level of the associated practice problems.
  • The standard version of this activity type is not gradable.

Reminder: Working with Special Characters
Before developing any exercise content that contains special characters—such as fractions, Greek letters, or subscript/superscript—please see Quick Guide: Using LaTeX for Cognella Active Learning.

Related Exercise
To develop gradable exercises that contain random variables, see Quick Guide: Complex Quizzes or check with your project editor.

Note: The Equation Editor feature is not included in Complex Quizzing.