Explore the below activity from a student’s perspective. Then, scroll down to view the written version of the example provided by the author.


Activity title: Chapter 3 Discussion Questions

Study topic screen:

  • Screen title: Question 1
  • Study guide entry:
    • Prompt: Does the bar exam do enough to ensure attorney competence?
  • Sample answer: Recommended Answer: The response to this will largely depend on the individual state bar exam. However, it should be noted that the bar exam is intended to determine whether a candidate is qualified to practice law in a given state.  It is designed to be a minimum competency exam.


Study topic screen:

  • Screen title: Question 2
  • Study guide entry:
    • Prompt: What steps can new lawyers take to become competent?
  • Sample answer: Recommended Answer: Work with or for other lawyers who handle various matters (like with the boat accident example), take continuing education outside of their practice area, bring on co-counsel to a matter that might be a new subject matter, study.


Conclusion screen:

  • Title: Export
  • Instruction (export lesson): Export your responses to create a Chapter 3 study guide.