Guidelines for Selecting
YouTube Videos

Selecting YouTube Videos from Approved Sources

Check to see if the YouTube account is “verified,” indicated by a check mark next to the username. If so, great! This video is good to go.

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If the YouTube account is an official artist channel, it will be indicated by a music note next to the username. If the music note is included, the video is good to go.

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If there is no “verified” check mark or music note, see if you can determine if the account user is the owner or producer of the video content. 

  • Look at the “About” section of the account and other videos uploaded by the user to determine if they appear to be the official source of the video.
  • If you are unsure, add the video to your video log and our licensing team will review it.

If the user appears to be a random person uploading videos to YouTube from different sources, it’s best to look for a different video. These types of videos likely won’t be approved for us by our licensing team.

For music from YouTube: If a video is mainly music, look in the video description for the statement “licensed to YouTube by” as an indicator that it can legally be used in your course. Please note that this is only an indicator for the music in the video. If the footage or other content in the video is clearly not owned by the person who uploaded it, it’s best to look for a different video.

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