Cognella® Energizes Education with Cognella® Active Learning

Cognella® Energizes Education with Cognella® Active Learning

A new imprint that publishes interactive digital content for students and the national market

San Diego, CA – March 29th, 2017 – Cognella® today announced the launch of Cognella® Active Learning, a new imprint that provides instructors the opportunity to build engaging, dynamic online content to enrich students’ educational experiences. With this new offering, instructors can strategically craft interactive exercises proven to increase student retention and energize learning.

“Cognella is committed to providing the academic community with innovative learning solutions as teaching methodologies, learning styles, and technologies change,” said Cognella CEO Bassim Hamadeh. “Cognella Active Learning offers instructors an inventive way to teach their courses; for students, online content presents them an exciting, new way to learn.”

Cognella Active Learning supports the active learning methodology, an instructional approach that invites students to participate in dynamic activities to reinforce learnings through tangible experiences. By interacting with coursework in fresh, meaningful ways, students are encouraged to participate fully in the learning process and often see greater academic success as a result.

“When students have the opportunity to really connect with coursework—through interactive scenarios that develop decision-making skills, videos that engage audio-visual learners, skill-building games that make learning fun—it enriches their educational experiences and inspires deeper learning,” Hamadeh said.

To develop and test the Cognella Active Learning model, Cognella partnered with several higher education instructors to pilot the program. Cognella associates and instructors collaborated to create digital content tailored to each professor’s course and invited students to test the content within a Cognella Active Learning environment.

“I couldn’t be happier with the online component of my textbook,” said Robert Kemp, Ramon W. Breedon, Sr. Research Professor at the University of Virginia and one of the instructors involved in the Cognella Active Learning pilot. “Now my students have one place where they can access course materials, work together on group projects, study using interactive flashcards, and take quizzes. I’ll never go back to the way I used to teach.”

Cognella Active Learning provides instructors with the option to design online content to supplement a Cognella textbook or serve as a standalone, online course. Instructors can host content within the Cognella online learning environment, or the content can fully integrate with an institution’s learning management system.

The final product is promoted on the national academic market to inspire adoption among instructors who teach similar courses and wish to introduce active learning to their curriculum.

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