Capuzzi: Career Counseling 4e NTTE (as of 6.2.22)

Overview of the Changes to the Fourth Edition of Career Counseling: Foundations, Perspectives, and Applications (David Capuzzi, Editor)


  • Chapter One: Career Counseling; Much more than “Test and Tell”
  • Chapter Two: The Convergence of Career and Mental Health Approaches to Counseling
  • Chapter Four: Foundational Theories of Career Counseling
  • Chapter Five: Postmodern Theories of Career Counseling
  • Chapter Six: Multicultural, Gender, and Social Justice Issues in Career Counseling
  • Chapter Seven: Ethical, Legal, and Credentialing Issues in Career Counseling
  • Chapter Eleven: Counseling for Children’s Career Development
  • Chapter Fourteen: Career Development for Youth and Emerging Adults with Diverse Paths
  • Informational sidebars to encourage the visual learner and encourage additional contemplation about chapter content.
  • Integration of updated and current research from peer-reviewed journals and new textbooks.
  • An Instructor’s Manual that includes journaling, group work, and experiential exercises for additional classroom assignments.
  • Use of color and photographs to make the reading experience more reader friendly and interesting.