An Art Project in Support of the Black Community

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During our internal conversations at Cognella regarding systemic racism, racial inequality, and police brutality, one thing became very clear. Cognella team members wanted a dedicated space where they could make personal statements in support of the Black community, as well as the authors of color with whom we regularly collaborate.

We invited Cognella team members to submit statements about how they intend to support the Black community and our authors, personally or professionally. Senior Graphic Designer Emely Villavicencio paired these statements with photographs she took at #BlackLivesMatter protests and events in San Diego, fashioning them into a powerful, interactive art piece. For the best viewing results, we recommend viewing this webpage on a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Hover over each tile below to reveal an individual statement from a Cognella team member. Click on the statement to read the quote in a new browser tab.