Ebook Download Instructions

Ebook Download Instructions

When downloading your ebook, you must first install Adobe Digitial Editions, which is the ebook reading platform that can open our files. If you need to install ADE, select your device for setup instructions.

When you press the Download button, a warning box appears that says you must complete the digital materials setup before downloading your file. If you already have Adobe Digital Editions on your machine, Click OK. If you need to install ADE, click Cancel and then select your device for setup instructions.

Then click the Adobe Digital Editions Download:

Take note of your operating system and click on the appropriate link.

Note, if you have a older Mac with an OS X version 10.7 or older, you should install version 3.0.

After clicking the installer, an icon will appear in the left bottom or the right top of the screen, depending on your browser.

If it does not automatically open, click on the Installer to open, and click yes when you see this screen:

On the next screen, agree to the terms and click Next:

Click Next on the following screen:

Then click Install:

Once set up is complete, click Close:

Note: If it asks you to install an anti-virus software, you may say No. This is an ad within Adobe, not part of the set up process or your ebook.

Now, go back into the My Digital Materials page on the Student Store. Click the link with the name of your book, and OK to proceed if you receive a warning.

A link called URLLink.acsm should appear on the bottom left of the screen.

Note: If nothing seems to happen or if your system attempts to open the file in a program other than Adobe Digital Editions, follow the steps here.

Authorizing a computer

Double click the link. Adobe asks to authorize the computer.

If you do not already have an Adobe ID, click Create one:

Fill out this form and hit Sign Up:

Then enter your information here. The ID is the email address for your Adobe account. Do not authorize without an ID—it will cause problems later and you may lose access to your ebook.

ADE will open and content will show as downloading.

Open your ebook from within Adobe Digital Editions

Note: If your ebook does not open automatically, you may need to open from within Adobe Digital Editions. First, open Adobe Digital Editions by clicking on your Start button and searching Programs. Make sure you are in the Bookshelves view, and click on File.

Then click Add to Library. Make sure that the pop up window is searching in your Downloads folder:

Then change the File type from E-Books to Adobe Content Server Message:

You should now see files called URLLink. If there are multiple files, open the file with the highest number.

The next step is to Authorize your computer. Follow the instructions here.