Feeback Page For Ritter 3e

Glowing Feedback for the third edition of Jessica A. Ritter's Social Work Policy Practice

“Professor Ritter, I wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for such an amazing social policy class this semester. Admittedly, I was dreading the class just a little bit, but I think it was mainly because I expected the material to be dry and intimidating. However, your engaging textbook with real-life examples brought concepts to life, and your passion for inviting in-class discussion was contagious. I never considered policy work as something I would be interested in, but after taking this class, I realize now that policy work combines so many parts of myself that are important to me: working for larger changes, advocating, and research. Because of this class, I am seriously considering working towards macro work and hope to get much more involved in policy even throughout the rest of my BSSW. I learned so much, and I appreciate your grace and flexibility in supporting our learning process even in the midst of such a strange semester. Thank you for your enthusiasm; I hope I’m able to take more classes taught by you!”
—Abigail, BSSW student, Metropolitan State University Denver

“Excellent social welfare policy text for undergraduate social work majors: up-to-date, readable, and includes valuable information on social welfare history, values, diversity, advocacy, and fields of practice.”
—John C. Rife, MSW, Ph.D., Professor of Social Work, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Social Work Policy Practice by Jessica Ritter is a timely, relevant, and applied social welfare policy practice textbook which will help train future social workers in the important work of social change.”
—LeaAnne DeRigne, Ph.D., Professor of Social Work, Florida Atlantic University

Dr. Ritter has a way of making social work policy come alive. Her quality of writing and ease of reading makes students feel an increased confidence and understanding while gaining valuable insight to multiple aspects of policy practice.
—Scott W. Gaffney, Assistant Professor of Social Work, Southeastern University

“Ritter provides an engaging, thorough, and passionate look at social welfare policy, with an emphasis on advocacy efforts. This is truly a text devoted to policy as it relates to social and economic justice.”
—John Quinton Hodges, Ph.D., Professor of Social Work, University of North Alabama

“A contemporary analysis of important issues and policies impacting social workers that can easily be adopted for many other fields including human development, psychology, sociology, criminal justice, and education.”
—Mary H. Garcia, Instructor of Human Development, Washington State University