Feedback on Fulmer: Counseling and Psychotherapy

Glowing Feedback for Counseling and Psychotherapy: Theory and Beyond, Edited by Russell Fulmer

“Counseling and Psychotherapy: Theory and Beyond is the book that our profession needs, connecting traditional theories to contemporary approaches. Students will value the basic understanding of traditional counseling theory, and be introduced to modern counterparts.

Chapters on personal guiding theory, motivational interviewing, integrating western and eastern models, trauma-informed and neuro-informed counseling, artificial intelligence, and the book’s foundational counseling theories, add to the expected knowledge of every counseling practitioner.

I appreciate the author’s pragmatic and applied approach to traditional and contemporary counseling theory. Students will find the material immediately relatable and instructors will find the book helpful in building their classroom instruction.”

—Dr. Marty Jencius, Associate Professor of Counseling, Kent State University

This text provides an essential understanding for students training to be clinicians. As a counselor educator, I value the emphasis on Realism, Innovation, and Integration throughout the text. The focus on and integration of CACREP provides grounding in curricula. Additionally, the incorporation of modern thought and innovation in the research and experience realms provides cutting edge theories and ways to incorporate them in today’s ever-changing world. Finally, I want to focus on some of the research incorporated into this textbook. The pervasiveness of trauma in clinical work necessitates that there be significant focus on trauma-informed care. This book presents a pertinent and innovative chapter on trauma-informed care that is accessible for students and helps to employ practical tools for working with trauma in session. Additionally, the focus on integrating neuroscience is imperative in training counselors and advancing the field. It is only through informing the practitioners of tomorrow that counseling as a field can advance. This text is a must-have for masters programs and PhD programs alike as the depth and breadth are pertinent to several developmental levels of training.”

—Gina Martin PhD, LPC(IL), NCC, Assistant Professor, Department of Counselor Education, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater

Dr. Fulmer’s work attempts to expand the ways in which we understand the incredible work counselors offer their clients through the utilization of counseling theory, but also through biopsychosocial factors that impact the counseling relationship and process. Moving beyond traditional theory-based course work, and expanding counselors’ understanding of how counseling works, is imperative for anyone entering the field.”

—Adria Shipp Dunbar (PhD), Assistant Professor, Counselor Education, Department of Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development, North Carolina State University

Dr. Fulmer’s book, Counseling and Psychotherapy: Theory and Beyond, offers a contemporary look at counseling by reviewing theories, counseling frameworks, and social influences that have direct impact on both the client and counseling relationship. This book aligns with the CACREP standards and pushes the profession forward by expanding one’s understanding of today’s clients.”

—Jessica Lane (PhD), Assistant Professor, Special Education, Counseling & Student Affairs, Kansas State University