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We’ve created a custom library of the chapters found within Theory & Practice in Clinical Social Work, edited by Jerrold R. Brandell.

Using this library, you can create a custom social work textbook that is affordable, quick-to-publish, and completely tailored to your course.


Create your custom edition in three easy steps:

Step 1

Select and order chapters from the social work library that suit your course needs.

Step 2

Add your syllabus or course schedule to personalize the text for your students.

Step 3

Choose the format for your students: ebook, paperback, or both.

Pricing details: Mix and match chapters from the available texts – $6.00 per chapter (includes printing)

Theory & Practice in Clinical Social Work Custom Library Content

Chapter 1: Systems Theory
Bruce D. Friedman and Karen Neuman Allen

Chapter 2: Behavioral and Cognitive Theories
Bruce A. Thyer

Chapter 3: Psychoanalytic Theory
Les Fleischer

Chapter 4: Family Therapy: Systemic Approaches to Practice
Froma Walsh

Chapter 5: Neurobiology and Clinical Social Work
Dennis Miehls

Chapter 6: Clinical Practice with Children
Alan J. Levy and Julie A. Levy

Chapter 7: Clinical Social Work with Adolescents and Young Adults
Randall O’Toole and Melissa D. Grady

Chapter 8: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Adults
A. Antonio Gonzalez-Prendes

Chapter 9: Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with Adults
Fredric T. Perlman

Chapter 10: Couple Therapy
Judith P. Seigel

Chapter 11: Group Treatment with Children and Adolescents
Joan Grannucci Lesser

Chapter 12: Group Treatment with Adults
Charles D. Garvin

Chapter 13: The Treatment of Trauma: A Relational Perspective
Shoshana Ringel

Chapter 14: Clinical Social Work in Situations of Disaster or Terrorism
Martha Bragin

Chapter 15: Clinical Practice with Older Adults
Marcia Spira

Chapter 16: Clinical Social Work with Depressed Clients
Olga Mikhailova and Jo Nol

Chapter 17: Dynamic Approach to Brief and Time-Limited Clinical Social Work
Jerrold R. Brandell

Chapter 18: Social Work Interventions for Alcohol and Other Drug Problems
Maryann Amodeo and Luz Marilis Lopez

Chapter 19: Clinical Case Management
Joel Kanter

Chapter 20: Clinical Practice with Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Clients
Eric D. Hartman

Chapter 21: Transgender-Specific Assessment, Counseling, and Case Management
Russell Healy

Chapter 22: Infant Mental Health: Clinical Practice with Very Young Children and Their Families
Carolyn Joy Dayon, Carla C. Barron, Ann M. Stacks, and Johanna C. Malone

Chapter 23: Grief, Loss, and Bereavement: An Integrated Perspective
Elisabeth A. Counselman Carpenter

Chapter 24: A Socially Just and Culturally Competent Workplace: Toward Holistic Competence in Social Work
Eunjung Lee, Marion Bogo, and A. Ka Tat Tsang

Chapter 25: Researching Clinical Practice and Understanding Evidence-Based Practice
James Drisko

Chapter 26: Clinical Social Work with Suicidal Youth and Adults
Jonathan B. Singer and Juli Chaffee

Chapter 27: Perspectives on Sexting in Clinical Work with Adolescents
Faye Mishna and Elizabeth Milne

Chapter 28: Clinical Social Work in a Digital Environment: Ethical and Risk Management Issues
Frederic G. Reamer

Chapter 29: Clinical Social Work Practice with the Severely Disturbed Client
Brian Rasmussen

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