Empowering Public Speaking - Features and Benefits

With emphasis on public speaking as a means for social justice, Empowering Public Speaking by Deanna L. Fassett and Keith Nainby helps students develop the communication skills necessary to successfully effect change. The book contains several pedagogical features to facilitate learning and improve the student experience.

Chapter Objectives at the beginning of each chapter provide an overview of topics and skills and help the reader prepare to engage with the ideas in the chapter.

Unique, contemporary examples raise the profile of public speaking as a socially significant act. These examples and discussions promote exploration of how social, economic, and cultural power are historically rooted and are distributed among local communities rather than centralized within the resources of some alleged group of “those in power.”

Toward Praxis Prompts foster critical thinking, provide opportunities for practical application, and promote continued learning and further exploration.

Discussion Questions are provided at the end of each chapter to engage students and stimulate in-class conversation.

Key Terms are presented in bold text throughout the book and listed at the end of every chapter, helping students build their vocabulary and knowledge of applicable approaches and concepts.

Sidebars throughout each chapter encourage reflection and analysis while facilitating further discussion and inquiry of content.

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