Essentials of Social Work Practice – Features and Benefits

Essentials of Social Work Practice - Features and Benefits


Essentials of Social Work Practice: A Concise Guide to Knowledge and Skill Development introduces readers to core concepts and skills that are vital to cultivating a successful social work practice. Unique in approach, the book clearly connects human behavior theories to engagement, assessment, goal-setting, intervention, and evaluation, while also illustrating the fluidity between micro, mezzo, and macro level activities. The book contains several pedagogical features to facilitate learning and improve the student experience.

Narratives Applications provide detailed depictions of real-life issues and the use of core social work practice skill sets to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Skill Development Activities are provided to encourage the growth of knowledge, self-awareness, and familiarity with relevant videos, websites, and other online resources. These exercises can easily form the basis for individual or group assignments.

Discussion Questions are provided at the end of each chapter to engage students, encourage critical thinking, and stimulate class discussion.

Highlight Boxes and Informational Tables provide emphasis and detail for key concepts covered throughout the book; they also feature contemporary and cutting-edge programs and solutions that exemplify strength-based, ethically oriented, and culturally relevant practice.

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