Intentional Group Counseling: Best Practices for a Multicultural World - Features and Benefits

Intentional Group Counseling: Best Practices for a Multicultural World provides students with essential best practices for conducting group counseling sessions in a diverse society. The book contains several pedagogical features to facilitate learning and improve the student experience.

Warm-up Exercises prepare students to think about and develop critical skills for understanding and counseling groups. These warm-ups are also designed as exercises that students can use when facilitating their own groups.

Chapter Goals highlight the important concepts and techniques covered in each chapter.

Group Practice Exercises represent engaging and interactive opportunities for students to apply what they’re learning, make new discoveries about themselves and the material, and build knowledge and understanding.

Moving Toward Your Own Leadership Style Sections provide a brief summary of the central concepts of the chapter followed by questions that emphasize the importance of personal reflection.

The authors’ approach to teaching group skills incorporates both Association for Specialists in Group Work (ASGW) documents outlining Best Practice Guidelines (2007, Appendix A) and Multicultural and Social Justice Principles (2012, Appendix B), and focuses on what is needed at each phase of group development.