Understanding Argument in a Post-Truth World – Features and Benefits

Understanding Argument in a Post-Truth World - Features and Benefits


Understanding Argument in a Post-Truth World equips readers with modern argumentative strategies that complement the technological and information-rich era in which we live. The text recognizes that individuals today need practical evaluative techniques in order to effectively construct well-informed, critical stances on a variety of issues. The book contains several pedagogical features to facilitate learning and improve the student experience.

Chapter Objectives at the beginning of each chapter and Executive Summaries at the end of each chapter reinforce key concepts and encourage student understanding and retention.

Chapter Objectives Example

Executive Summary Example

Discussion Questions inspire critical thinking and thoughtful conversation regarding important concepts addressed within the chapters.

Terms to Remember are identified and reinforced at the end of each chapter, helping students build their vocabulary and knowledge of key approaches and concepts regarding modern argumentation.

Unique, contemporary examples throughout the text appeal to college students, engaging them with material that recognizes the existence of technology, references current events and pop culture, and is up-to-date and highly relatable.

Example 1: 


Example 2: 

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