82025-2A Keyton: Feature Boxes


Explore the impactful pedagogical boxes in Communicating in Groups and Teams: Strategic Interactions (Fifth Edition) by Joann Keyton and Stephenson Beck

This text offers a variety of useful features including four types of pedagogical boxes emphasizing more advanced learning. Discover how these features can help your students in the examples below.

Message and Meaning

These boxes display transcripts from groups and teams that have been part of the authors’ research or transcripts that are publicly available.

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Theory Standout

These boxes provide an in-depth look at group communication theories that are introduced in this book. Featuring theories outside of the narrative pro- vides a closer examination and invites questions about the theory–research link.

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Skill Builder

These boxes provide students an opportunity to test, develop, and practice their group communication skills through exercises and activities.

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Nailing It! Using Group Communication Skills for Group Presentations

In talking with professors who do not teach the group communication course, the authors found that a primary concern was that students who had taken a group communication class had difficulty transferring group skills to developing group presentations in other courses. To address this issue, the authors have developed this feature to help students transfer what they are learning to the development of group presentations.

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