84003-1A Reid: Criminal Justice Essentials (12e) Features


Explore the impactful pedagogical features in Criminal Justice Essentials (Twelfth Edition) by Sue Titus Reid

The twelfth edition of Criminal Justice Essentials includes some unique features designed to enhance student learning even further. Learn more below about these features.

Professions Boxes

Each chapter includes an insert on a particular professional opportunity, designed to enlighten those students who seek careers in criminal justice.

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Criminal Justice System Dilemma Boxes

Every chapters presents an insert on a particular dilemma faced by criminal justice systems pertaining to topics discussed in that chapter.

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Spotlight Boxes

Every chapter presents Spotlight boxes covering a case or a particularly compelling aspect of the law.

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Case Focus Boxes

The “Case Focus Box” in each chapters contains material designated to provide a research experience for students.

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COVID-19 Sections

Many chapters contain a section on the impact of COVID-19.

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