Adopter Quick Guide: Cognella Active Learning

What is Cognella Active Learning?

Cognella Active Learning offers dynamic learning activities hosted in an online environment. Dynamic learning experiences, including flashcards, skill-builders, interactive lessons, quizzes, videos, interactive maps, scenarios, case studies, and more, help students master core concepts, explore key content, and apply knowledge through evaluation and engagement in real-world situations.

The online format of Cognella Active Learning supports technology-based learning initiatives, encourages students to actively engage in their individual learning processes, and supports a variety of learning styles, ensuring all students have the ability to connect with course material in a meaningful way.


Key Differences between Cognella Active Learning and Instructor Resources

Cognella Active Learning activities are separate from the instructor resources provided to instructors who adopt Cognella textbooks.

Instructor resources are provided directly to adopting instructors as editable files. Instructors can then send these materials to students directly or upload the materials into a school’s learning management system.

Cognella Active Learning activities are student resources provided within a self-paced or instructor-led course. Active Learning activities are curated experiences that do not require editing or customization by an instructor for the activities to be used in their courses.


Self-Paced Courses

The standard adoption of Cognella Active Learning material is a self-paced course. A self-paced Cognella Active Learning course is one where the student can access the activities at any time after the purchase of their material and move through at any pace to complete it throughout the term. The material in this course is consistent across all schools and courses that use the material.

For self-paced courses, activities are auto-scored and can easily be used by students for practice and review; instructor feedback is not available. All assignments are self-paced and are not linked to instructor-provided due dates.

Student Access Point

Self-paced courses are hosted by Cognella. Students will log in to to access available content for their course.

Student Benefits

  1. Start at any time after purchase.
  2. Explore key content and complete activities at their own pace.
  3. Revisit content as study material to support a variety of learning styles.

Instructor Benefits

  1. Pre-created content provides instructors with an additional way to engage students.
  2. Auto-scored activities provide immediate feedback to students and help them study and practice.
  3. Content can complement course pedagogy.


Instructor-Led Courses

For adopters who would like to grade or monitor student activities, our instructor-led custom courses are the perfect option. Instructor-led Cognella Active Learning courses are customized to the course and school with specific material, due dates, or unique elements. These custom adoptions require collaboration with the instructor to establish due dates and distribution options.

For instructor-led courses, activities are graded by the system with the option to provide individual feedback. Some materials may include instructor-graded content. Discussion questions can be linked to an interactive discussion board. Assignments can include instructor-provided due dates.

Student Benefits

  1. Activities provide additional review of key concepts within a dedicated environment.
  2. Discussion boards encourage conversation and engagement with classmates.
  3. Feedback on graded content from instructor.

Instructor Benefits

  1. Content can be rolled out gradually to align with an instructor’s syllabus.
  2. A combination of pre-made and customized content provides an additional way to engage students.
  3. Auto-graded activities provide immediate feedback and open-ended questions provide another way to engage students in the course.
  4. Activity grades can be used for assessment and exams.