Adopter Quick Guide: Cognella Active Learning

Quick Guide Cognella Active Learning

What is Cognella Active Learning?

Cognella authors develop Cognella Active Learning activities in support of their related textbook. Housed within a custom online environment, dynamic learning experiences, including flashcards, skill builders, interactive lessons, quizzes, videos, interactive maps, scenarios, case studies, and more, help students master core concepts, explore key content, and apply knowledge through evaluation and engagement in real-world situations.

The online format of Cognella Active Learning supports technology-based learning initiatives, encourages students to actively engage in their individual learning processes, and supports a variety of learning styles, ensuring all students have the ability to connect with course material in a meaningful way.


Key Differences between Cognella Active Learning and Instructor Resources

Cognella Active Learning activities are separate from the instructor resources materials provided to instructors who adopt Cognella textbooks.

Instructor resources are provided directly to adopting instructors in the form of zip file. You can download all of the instructor resources materials directly onto your device and either send them to students or upload them directly to your school’s learning management system.

Cognella Active Learning activities are provided directly to students within a dedicated online learning system. This system is either hosted by Cognella or integrated into your school’s learning management system. Integration requires obtaining approval from your school’s LMS administrator and collaborating with the Cognella Active Learning support team. Due to how and where Cognella Active Learning materials are housed, you cannot download, distribute, or upload the activities elsewhere.


How Students Access Cognella Active Learning

Cognella Active Learning is included in the price of students’ course materials when they purchase the corresponding Cognella textbook either through the Cognella Student Store or their campus bookstore. They will receive an access code that they can redeem at When they redeem the code, students are prompted to input their name, school-affiliated email address, course, and section to ensure they receive access to the learning environment created specifically for your course.

After registering for Cognella Active Learning, students will either sign in via the Cognella Active Learning portal (if hosted) or through your school’s learning management system (if integrated).


If you have any questions regarding Cognella Active Learning, contact your adoption specialist for more information!