Student Access Point 

For instructor-led courses, Cognella Active Learning activities can either by hosted by Cognella or integrated into an institution’s learning management system.


The hosted environment provides a complete learning management system (LMS) that instructors can use to manage a course. Students will log in to to access available content for their course. Cognella’s user-friendly platform provides all of the tools instructors need to run a course, including support for quizzes, assignments, discussion forums, course announcements, a built-in syllabus, and class calendar, as well as a robust gradebook with SpeedGrader. At the end of the term, instructors can export the grades from the Cognella system and import them into their school’s gradebook.


Integration allows students to access Cognella Active Learning activities directly within their institution’s LMS. Students will access the activities, assignments, and quizzes via their home system, and grades automatically flow into the LMS gradebook. This option requires LMS compatibility and collaboration with the institution’s LMS team. Please let your Cognella rep know as soon as possible if you’re interested in an integrated solution.

Compatible Systems

  • Canvas
  • Blackboard
  • Moodle
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How Students Access Cognella Active Learning

Cognella Active Learning is included in the price of students’ course materials when they purchase a new Cognella textbook.

Access Code

Students can purchase a Cognella textbook includes an access code printed inside. They can redeem their access code at

Without a Code

Students may purchase a textbook that doesn’t include an access code printed inside. Students will contact our Student Support team to provide proof of purchase and course details.

Standalone access is available for purchase through the Cognella Student Store.

After registering for Cognella Active Learning, students will either sign in via the Cognella Active Learning portal (if hosted) or through your school’s learning management system (if integrated).