Quick Guide Cognella Active Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

How do students gain access to Cognella Active Learning?

In many cases, the access code will be printed in a new book. For students who don’t have an access code printed inside their book, they can contact our Student Support team at orders@cognella.com.

I currently integrate Active Learning into my school’s LMS. Is there any change?

There is no change if you would like to continue to integrate Cognella Active Learning activities. We will continue to support your use.

How long will my students have access to their Cognella Active Learning self-paced course?

After purchasing a new book or standalone access, a student can enter the self-paced course at any time. All activities will be available and can be accessed at any time for the life of the course.

What is the cost for Cognella Active Learning access?

Cognella Active Learning is included in the price of students’ course materials when they purchase a new Cognella textbook. Standalone access is available for purchase through the Cognella Student Store.

Where do students go to redeem their access codes?

Students can redeem their access code and register their account at: https://active.cognella.com/

In the case of integrated courses, Cognella will provide adopters with links to the Cognella Active Learning activities, which can then be incorporated into their institution’s LMS. Students will receive an access code through their LMS to register their account within their course.

My student is having trouble accessing the Active Learning site. How can I help them?

Students can contact our Student Support Team by emailing orders@cognella.com or calling 858-552-1120 Ext. 503. Students will need to provide their instructor’s name, their school, and their course name.

As an instructor, can I upload the Active Learning activities into my LMS?

Cognella Active Learning activities are student resources that can be accessed through the Cognella site. In some cases, these materials can be linked to an institution’s learning management system. Please speak with your sales rep to discuss option for an integrated instructor-led course.

As an instructor, can I use Cognella Active Learning activities to grade?

Active Learning activities are created for self-paced practice. In some cases, these materials can be used for assessment. Please speak with your sales rep to discuss options for an instructor-led course.

As an instructor, will I receive access to Cognella Active Learning content?

Adopting instructors will receive access to the Cognella Active Learning content. Please contact your sales rep to confirm your adoption details and receive access.