Author Resources

Author Resources

At Cognella, we pride ourselves on helping authors through every step of the publishing process. We provide signed authors with quick guides, webinars, editorial assistance, access to pre-cleared, low-cost content, and more.

Immediately after signing with Cognella, you’ll receive:

  • The Cognella Start-up Kit
  • Anthology authors—Quick Guide to Building an Anthology
  • Original manuscript authors—Authorship Made Easy: The Cognella Guide to Writing a Textbook

Resources you’ll find helpful while developing your manuscript:


  • Citations*
  • Selecting Readings*
  • Selecting Images*
  • Formatting Your Manuscript*
  • Creating Instructor Resources
  • Submitting Materials
  • Prelaunch Marketing

* These guides feature a companion webinar that can be viewed live or as a recording following the presentation date.


  • Using a Permissions Log to List Text Excerpts and Readings
  • Citing Work in an Academic Textbook
  • Creating a Figure Program
  • Formatting and Submitting Your Manuscript

Editorial Support

  • Initial feedback on a sample chapter followed by:
    • Further consultation with your project editor, and in some cases, your discipline specialist signing editor
    • Ongoing project support as needed or requested, which may include setting up a writing plan, sharing pedagogical content examples, and providing you with a model chapter structure
  • Editor Toolkits, helpful writing guides on specific topics, including:
    • Introductions, Prefaces, and Forewords
    • Crafting a Table of Contents
    • Chapter Introductions
    • Learning Objectives and Outcomes
    • Key Terms and Concepts
    • Incorporating Questions into a Textbook
    • Using Vignettes, Case Scenarios, and Case Studies
    • Helping Co-authors Write with a Unified Voice
    • Paraphrasing Successfully
    • And more!

 Content resources

  • Reference consultations with one of our digital librarians
  • Curated lists of suggested readings
  • Access to the Cognella Digital Library and all of our publisher partner content