How is an Interactive Ebook Different From a Traditional Textbook?

Interactive ebooks have the unique capacity to embed various engaging interactive features interspersed within your manuscript. Embedding interactive features throughout the text allows for self-assessment and reflection, providing students with multiple ways to enhance and test their understanding. This interactive and adaptable treatment differentiates a Cognella interactive text from our static digital formats. Some common features of interactive ebooks might include:

  • Pop-up definitions of key terms
  • Web links
  • Original or third-party videos
  • Concept check activities (e.g., fill in the blank questions)
  • Skill-builder activities (e.g., drag and drop exercises)
  • Timelines
  • Flashcards

Note that graded interactive components are required.


Tracking Interactive Features

When preparing your chapters, you have several options for how to begin tracking the interactive features. See which of the following approaches to writing an interactive ebook might work best for you:

  1. Develop interactive content in tandem with writing the chapters.
  2. Prioritize writing the chapters but make notes of places to add interactive content later as you work.
  3. Concentrate on writing the chapters first. Create interactive content after completing the manuscript.

Your project editor may recommend an instructional design consultation, depending on the needs of your project.