Authorship Made Easy (IEB)

Introduction: Before You Begin

Just as every book or ebook is different, so is every author. Cognella authors will have personal preferences about how to organize and develop their interactive ebook. Different authors may find different parts of the publishing process extremely easy, or conversely, quite challenging.

People write their content in different ways. Some authors like to craft a formal outline, begin writing at the beginning, and work straight through until they reach the end. Other authors prefer to allow the content of their texts to develop organically. They might start with a general list of topics, begin writing on one of these, and see where it leads.

There is no right or wrong way to write an interactive ebook. There is just the way that works best for you.

Your Cognella editorial team is here to help you determine the writing plan and process that best set you and your interactive ebook up for success.

We have numerous resources available to assist you. These resources include everything from our publishing experts (developmental editors, instructional designers, and professional copyeditors) to our writing guides and toolkits (that cover a variety of broad and detailed tips on writing and organizing your content for an academic audience) to our how-to Cognella webinar series.

  • If you need help generating ideas for the content of your ebook, we can help.
  • If you need help organizing and sequencing your content, we can help.
  • If you need help selecting interactive components to integrate in your text, we can help.
  • If you are uncertain how to best begin writing your original content, we can help.
  • If you get stuck halfway through a chapter and can’t decide how to finish, we can help.

Cognella editors have helped hundreds of authors overcome a variety of challenges in getting their books and ebooks ready for use in their own classes, as well as those of adopters.

This guide is designed to help with some of the common challenges new authors face. These challenges range from learning how to be aware of their own writing processes to actually generating pages of content. Reading through this guide will prepare you to organize and write your ebook.

This Guide:

  • Discusses the three main stages involved in developing an interactive ebook book and different ways to move through these stages;
  • Outlines specific strategies for organizing and structuring your work;
  • Offers suggestions to help get writing again if you feel stuck;
  • Provides practical tips that can save time and facilitate a smooth writing process.

While this guide focuses on the development of actual chapter content and interactive features, we also have other resources to help you with developing the front and end matter of your ebook. Your editorial team can provide additional support regarding prefaces, forewords, introductions, tables of contents, glossaries, and more.