Cognella Startup Kit – Page 15

Ebook Options

To accommodate student format preferences, we offer an ebook version of your text, when possible. The digital reading experience for Cognella texts is through Adobe Digital Editions or VitalSource, free viewing programs for secure PDFs.

Please let your editor know if your university uses or works with any alternate ebook providers. We may be able to accommodate your institution’s ebook preferences or partnerships.

Digital File Expiration

Due to digital rights management protection, Cognella ebook files expire after six months. Similar to when an individual borrows an ebook from a library, the digital file disappears from the reader’s device after a certain amount of time. We are able to offer print add-on solutions for students who’d like to retain textbook content beyond the ebook expiration date, as well as those who simply prefer to use both formats throughout the term.

Ebook Pricing

Cognella is committed to keeping up with the ever-expanding digital market. We price our titles competitively to give students what they need for their courses at a reasonable price. Because our ebooks come with an expiration date, we want students to feel they are getting the best value. Accordingly, Cognella ebooks cost less than their paperback counterparts.

Digital Licensing Considerations

If your book contains third-party content, there are digital rights permissions to take into consideration. Not every reading or image in your manuscript may be offered digitally. If a single reading or image cannot be distributed digitally, we will simply extract it from the electronic file and amend the table of contents, if needed. If two or more pieces of third-party content are unavailable for distribution, your text cannot be released in digital format.

HEOA Guidelines

Cognella is compliant with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA). This means we readily supply you and your university with the most up-to-date title, ISBN, and pricing information for your book so this information can be provided to students. Read more about the HEOA on the U.S. Department of Education website:

Readers with Disabilities

When we receive requests from an instructor or university disability office on behalf of a student with a reading impairment, we are happy to provide the student with a web link to an ebook or full digital PDF. Our digital PDFs are viewable in Adobe Digital Editions or VitalSource (depending on the book), both of which have ADA-compliant screen-reading features.

A purchase through the Cognella Student Store is required for us to provide this option. The student or disability office need only provide a copy of the purchase receipt.

If you have any questions regarding options for readers with disabilities, please let us know.