Cognella Startup Kit – Page 14

Providing Your Book to Students

The Cognella Student Store

We’ll make your title available for purchase online through the Cognella Student Store, generally in both print and digital formats. Our team will provide you and any adopters of your text with ordering instructions to pass along to your students. Ordering directly from the Cognella Student Store is the safest purchase option for students, and it’s also how they can take advantage of our competitive, publisher-direct pricing.

The Cognella Student Store has several other advantages for students:

  • Students generally receive approximately the first 30% of the text as a digital PDF to ensure they are able to start reading and studying right away.
  • We don’t apply a markup to the final price of your book, whereas bookstores and other vendors typically increase the price by 25 – 45%. Additionally, our publisher-direct pricing is only available via the Cognella Student Store.
  • As we subscribe to a print-on-demand model, our textbooks are printed and shipped within days of placing an order, whereas it can take weeks to replenish bookstore and vendor backstock. By ordering directly through Cognella, students can also avoid long lines in campus bookstores at the beginning of the term.

Your book listing in the Cognella Student Store will include your name and the name of your course. Textbooks are also searchable by institution, making it easy for students to find the learning materials they need for class.

Binder-Ready Option

We’re happy to accommodate campus bookstore orders and recommend our binder-ready option. Binder-ready texts are unbound, three-hole punched, shrink-wrapped versions with an 8.5” x 11” trim size that will fit into any standard three-ring binder. They are fully typeset, use the same front and back covers a perfect-bound book would, and are perfectly suited for adding notes and instructor materials, such as a syllabus or handouts. Binder-ready editions are discounted at 10% off the regular sale price.

Cognella developed this option to make books even more affordable for students. We know campus bookstore markups can be substantial, and used books sell for nearly the same price as new Cognella textbooks. Furthermore, used copies in circulation limit potential sales. We don’t have an easy way to account for used copies in circulation when we structure our author partnership with you or license content for your book; encouraging students to buy new copies of your book (in any format) is the best way to ensure those numbers line up as much as possible. To make the bookstore distribution model work for us, keep costs low for students, and protect your earned royalties, we are happy to fill bookstore orders with our binder-ready editions.